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Birding Tips
  • The products in this site can help you attract, identify and enjoy more birds. Here are a few basic bits of information you might find helpful.
  • Plumages
    Birds exhibit several different plumage patterns that can vary by species, age and sex. Here are a few examples.

    Sexes the same: Blue Jays
    Sexes different: Northern Cardinal
    Plumage varies by season: American Goldfinch
    Plumage varies by age: Bald Eagle - can take 3-4 years to develop the white head
  • Optics
    A good pair of binoculars is important in identifying birds. Look for models rated at 8 x 40 or 8 x 42 or similar. The "8" is an indication of the magnification power of the binocular and 40 or 42 is the diameter in mm of the front lens. The higher the number the better light-gathering ability of the binocular.
  • Where and when to go birding
    Early morning is the best time to go birding. By 10:00 or 11:00 the birds have often calmed day for the day. Activity sometimes picks up again in the evening.

    Spring and fall have the advantage of bird migration, when you will see a greater number of different species.

    Vary the habitat you visit. Working edges of tree lines often is more productive than working in the middle of a forest.

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