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    Shorebirds of the United States and Canada
    The Birdzilla.com Shorebirds of the United States and Canada app covers all of the regular occurring shorebirds plus several rare visitors.

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    Ordering information - iPhone and iPad
    Availlable in the Apple App Store for only $5.99.

  • Shorebirds can be one of the more challenging group of birds to identify. The app features images and comments by shorebird expert Kevin Karlson.
    The Shorebirds app covers 50 species - including plovers, sandpiers and phalaropes. It is suitbale for use by both beginners and intermediate level birders.

    - Over 240 color images
    - Calls for each species
    - Range maps
    - Fun facts
    - Image identification quiz
    - Call identification quiz

    The iPhone version provides quick access to each species and its call, perfect for use when in the field.

    The iPad version takes full advantage of the larger screen to showcase the beautiful and often subtle images.

  • Content:
    Comprehensive profiles for each species are provided including range, habits, diet and nesting.
  • Also included in each species profile:
    - A unique comparison feature allowing the user to easily compare any two images.
    - An introduction to the Bent Life History for that species.
  • Other features in the app:
    - An image ID game to help you test and improve your identification skills.
    - A game for testing and improving identification of their calls.
    - Links to additional information on the Birdzilla.com web site.
  • Ordering information:
    Availlable in the Apple App Store for only $5.99.
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