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    The identiflyer Lyric - The fastest way to learn bird songs!

    Identiflyer Lyric
    Price: $39.99
    Click here to order. Automatically inlcudes the So Many Feathers DVD - a $10 value.


  • The problem is: How do you become an expert? Bird experts are usually good musically and can recognize the notes of the bird’s song, but the average birder has difficulty learning these musical skills. No one, until now, has been able to help novice birders learn the songs.
  • The IdentiFlyer Lyric solves this problem with Learning Lyrics, words and phrases that help you connect the music to the bird. For example, “Drink your tea” sounds just like the Eastern Towhee’s song. “Hula hoop, hoop” sounds like the Mourning Dove’s song. The IdentiFlyer Lyric makes learning bird songs easier for the non-expert because you hear the bird’s name, see its picture, hear a verbal description of the song (lyrics) and then hear its song.
  • The IdentiFlyer Lyric has these new improvements:
    - The Lyric includes 40 birds on two 2-Sided Super SongCards
    - YardBirds One & Two, Eastern and Western YardBirds
    - The songs can be played in 2 Modes
    .....Song Mode – Useful for identifying songs in the field and to call in birds
    .....Lyric Mode – makes it easier to learn the songs and test skills.
    An improved speaker plays richer, crystal-clear bird songs; many songs are longer.
    Super SongCards* – Fewer cards are needed because each card has 20 bird songs, 10 birds on each side.
    Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • so many feathersSpecial Offer! To celebrate the introduction of the new Lyric we are including the "So Many Feathers" DVD at no additional cost. This 60 minute DVD includes many of the birds on the song cards, but in motion - singing and raising a family! This beautiful DVD normally sells for $19.95. On sale now at $10.00 or included free with the Lyric!
  • Price: $39.99
    Click here to order. Automatically inlcudes the So Many Feathers DVD - a $10 value.
  • Songs and calls included:
    Yardbirds - Series One
    - Rock Pigeon -- Black-capped Chickadee
    - Mourning Dove -- White-breasted Nuthatch
    - Downy Woodpecker -- House Wren
    - Northern Flicker -- American Robin
    - American Crow -- Northern Mockingbird

    Yardbirds - Series Two
    - European Starling -- Brown-headed Cowbird
    - Common Yellowthroat -- Baltimore Oriole
    - Northern Cardinal -- House Finch
    - Song Sparrow -- American Goldfinch
    - Red-winged Blackbird -- House Sparrow

    Yardbirds Eastern
    - Ruby-throated Hummingbird -- Wood Thrush
    - Blue Jay -- Gray Catbird
    - Tufted Titmouse -- Eastern Towhee
    - Carolina Wren -- White-throated Sparrow
    - Eastern Bluebird -- Common Grackle

    Yardbirds Western
    - Steller's Jay -- White-crowned Sparrow
    - Black-billoed Magpie -- Dark-eyed Junco
    - Bewick's Wren -- Black-headed Grosbeak
    - Western Bluebird -- Yellow-headed Blackbird
    - Spotted Towhee -- Bullock's Oriole