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    hummingbird hd app

    hummingbird app

    Hummingbird HD App - iPad only
    Availlable in the Apple app store for only $2.99.

  • This beautiful app covers all the regularly occurring hummingbirds of the United States, plus a few of the rare visitors from Mexico.  Multiple images, descriptions and range maps are provided for each species.

    This app is for iPad only.
  • Other features include:
    - Information on attracting hummingbirds
    - Creating a hummingbird garden
    - Where to see hummingbirds
    - Fun facts and most asked questions
    - Ability to purchase quality hummingbird feeders
    - Slide show of over 200 images of hummingbirds from Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.
  • Ordering information - iPad only:
    Availlable in the Apple app store for only $2.99.
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