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    Sam'd guide to bluebirds


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  • Bluebirds are found only in North America. Enjoy learning more about how these birds raise their families. Know the threats they face. This fun-to-use guide will help you learn all about opening and managing your own bluebird house or trail, an important step in supporting bluebird populations.

    The Guide Includes:

    Species profiles
    How to Videos
    - Selecting a bluebird box
    - Mounting and predator control
    - Care and management
    - Making your own bluebird box

    Cross Platform CD-ROM
    - Photos and video of each species
    Information on:
    - Bluebird boxes
    - Nest monitoring
    - Predator control
    - Feeding
    - Bluebird trails
    - Other Cavity nesters


    Special feature - a 35 minute video by Helen Johnson on mountain bluebirds.

    Quick reference guides to make managing your bluebird house a snap!

    Plans for 2 different style bluebird houses.

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